Solcosery Eye Gel for Dogs’ Eyes

Here are pictures of Angel’s eyes:

I put Solcoseryl eye gel to treat Angel’s eyes.

Solcoseryl eye gel

Richard’s Skin Problem

On Oct. 3, 2018, I brought Richard to the animal clinic for a checkup of his skin. Take a look at his photos:

Richard’s skin problem
Another pic of his skin
the last pic

The vet checked his ears for ear mites and fortunately, he is negative from it. The vet also said that his skin problem was due to food allergy.

Here’s Richard prescription:

Richard’s prescription for his skin problem

Nova-Pink shampoo, ectoparasite & fungal disease control for dogs
skin/food sensitives d/d (canned food)
continuous use of med for ears and eyes

Here’s the actual photo of Richard’s medicine:

Richard’s canned food, shampoo and frontline plus

Richard Was Positive to Ehrlichia Dirofilaria and Heartworm

This actually happened last June 27, 2019. Richard was having a diarrhea. Although it wasn’t too bad, I brought him to the animal clinic for a check. They did a three-way test to him and it turns out that Richard is positive to Ehrlichia and heartworm. He also had infection according to his blood test result due to high WBC.

Here’s what was prescribed to him:

Richard’s presciption

Here’s what was written in the prescription:

monodox 1.4 ml orally 2x a day after meal (for 30 days)
livergard 1 ml orally 2x a day (60 days)
puppy vite gel 1ml orally 1-2x a day
ACT S 1 ml 3pm, 1ml 7pm, 1ml 11pm

And here’s the medicine:

Richard’s medicine

The vet noted that if the diarrhea persist, bring back Richard to the clinic and I was so happy that Richard was well after drinking the activated charcoal that was prescribed. It was the one in the 3ml syringe.

But since Richard is positive to heartworm, he will be having a heartworm prevention or injection monthly for life.

The vet said that Ehrlichia disease was due to the tick and fleas in dogs so to prevent it from happening, our dogs should have a monthly prevention from tick and fleas and I use frontline plus.


Angel Got Admitted to Animal Clinic

Last August 28, I brought Angel to animal clinic for a check-up because she wasn’t energetic and had low appetite. The vet suggested for a blood and Ehrlichia test and so I agreed. The result of Ehrlichia test is positive and the blood test’s result was low WBC and platelet. The vet suggested to admit Angel for which I comply. Angel got admitted for only 1 day. Here she is while having a quick vacation…

The next day, I went to the animal clinic to check Angel. I asked the vet if I can get her out and luckily, she was ok to go home. The vet gave me her prescription and I bought her medicines.

Here’s the actual photo of Angel’s medicine.

The yellow gel capsule is the Omega 3 and the blue capsule is the Doxycycline. The one tablet is the med for fever that I forgot the name.

Here’s what was written in the prescription:

Doxycycline 100mg tab #24 1/2 tablet after meal twice a day for 21 days (7pm)
Puppyvite gel #1 1ml daily (7am)
Omega 3 cap #21-30 1 cap once a day for 21-30 days (7pm)
for fever – 1/4 tablet once a day – if temperature is above normal (normal temp is 38-39.3°C)


Corrupted Excel File

Hi there!

Hello myself!

It’s been a long time, I missed you! Anyway, just want to record this experience. It actually happened last Aug. 27, this year. I was working on an Excel file when suddenly the file just stopped working so I closed it. Upon opening the file, I can’t. I just can’t! When I visited the property, I found out that the file extension name or format just changed from .xlsx to .tmp.

I messaged my friend but no response so I did my research and found out that I just need to change the extension from .tmp to .xlsx. I did just that and boom! I was able to open the Excel file.

Thanks to this link where I found the answer:


Control Key Starts and Stops Volume

I had a bad experience before that I want to take note of.

Here it is… whenever I pressed the control key in the keyboard, the sound coming from the speaker goes on and off.

Since I am working, I often used control key so the issue really got me annoyed and as usual, I search online for the solution.

After trying all the suggested solutions, here’s one that really solved my problem.

Here’s the detailed step-by-step solution:

1. In the search box on the taskbar, type View local services, and select View local services.
2. In the Services box, locate Human Interface Device Access. Make sure the status is set to Running. If it is not running, select Start the service.
3. Right-click (or press and hold) Human Interface Device Access and select Properties.
4. On the General tab, in the Startup type, select Automatic, and then select OK.

Here’s the link where I found it:

If in case, you and I didn’t see the picture above clearly, here’s another one.


My Uncertainties

when 2 hearts...

I longed for you night and day
And didn’t know where I should stay
With people, I still feel alone
When alone, I feel it’s always dawn.

There’s so many things I want to do with you
So many words I want to whisper to you
But I do not want to explain more
‘Cause when I do, I’m afraid you’ll get bored.

Have you ever thought of me the same way?
Or am I only a game for you to play?
You said before, you’re saving the best for last
Am I the best but not the last
Or the last, but not the best?

How long should I’ve been waiting?
When I know it’s impossible from the beginning?
But I still hope and wish that someday
You’ll be here with me and will stay.

I just don’t know where it will happen
I wish God is here to listen
And grant the wish I’ve been asking
Since the first time of our meeting.