How to Pay SSS Contribution Online


This is just a quick update or reminder. I have been searching online for ways to pay SSS loan and contribution online or thru mobile app.

And I just managed to pay my SSS contribution online in SSS website itself. It is thru Moneygment App.

I downloaded the Moneygment app to my mobile phone and then top it up with funds by sending money to the Moneygment BPI account thru Gcash.

Sending money to banks thru Gcash is free. After sending money, I waited for the transaction receipt from Gcash then I emailed Moneygment for proof of payment and after a few minutes, the money is in my Moneygment wallet. And then finally, I used it to pay my SSS contribution.

Here’s the proof:

Take note: the posting of payment is real time. Kudos to Moneygment and SSS!


Urinary Tract Infection Experience

I don’t know where to begin but this is just a quick update on what was happened to me 4 days ago dated January 25, 2020. My son is vomiting on that day and he also has a fever and when his fever gets to 39°C, we immediately brought him to Queen Mary Help of Christian Hospital. It’s good that while we were being interviewed by the nurse, he told me that he will pee and so I asked right away if I can make a urinalysis request. To make it short, his urine was checked.

Here’s my son’s urinalysis result:

If the image is not clear, we can see that the RBC is 35-40 /hpf. The doctor said it is not normal for a child so she didn’t give any medicine or antibiotic. She told me to go to Manila East Medical Center in Taytay, Rizal or in Children’s Hospital in Quezon City and look for a pediatric nephrologist. She also said that I need to do it today, as in now. Again, it’s good that I research first if that hospital have that kind of doctor before going there because I found out that they do not have a pedia nephro. I search online for other hospitals within our area. Margarito, Binangonan Lakeview Hospital and St. Therese Hospitals doesn’t have pedia nephro. I even searched for other hospitals and found out that only Fatima University Medical Center in Antipolo and The Medical City in Ortigas have pedia nephro but since that day is Saturday, there is no clinic so I told myself that I will just wait when Monday comes.

Meanwhile, I massaged my son with Healing Galing healing oil.

But when afternoon comes, it was around 4 or 5pm I guess, when my son still vomits. I brought him to the same hospital again for a confinement but we faced that same doctor. The doctor didn’t allow him to be confined and insisted on going to hospitals in Manila where there is a pediatric nephrologist.

We went home and look for a car and went to Philippine Children’s Medical Center in Quezon City. We went to Emergency Room and when we had the chance to talk to the doctor on duty there, she said that it is an infection. Whereas the doctor in Queen Mary Help of Christian Hospital said that it wasn’t merely an infection. The doctor in PCMC requested for a laboratory tests: CBC, urinalysis and creatinine/BUN.

Their CBC is like 5 minutes process. We only waited for 5 minutes for the CBC result and the urinalysis result is like 30 minutes or more. Crea/BUN test result took a long time, it was like less than 2 hours I guess.

Here’s the CBC result:

Let’s not talk about CBC result because this is not the issue here. I just put it here for my reference.

Here’s the urinalysis result:

Again, if the image is not clear. We can see that the RBC is now 7. From 35 down to 7 without medication. I only used Healing Galing oil. I am not here to barge about Healing Galing oil. Just stating a story, a fact of what really happened. I am also not stating that it was because of that oil. I cannot tell anything. I can also say that maybe, just maybe, the machine or laboratory department whatsover, whatever you may call it, was the wrong one. The laboratory in Queen Mary hospital or the laboratory in PCMC. I am not sure!

And for the crea/BUN test result:

The creatinine is low. I asked or confirmed the doctor in PCMC about it and she explained that if the creatinine is high, it means that the kidney is starting to be broken or destroy. Hahahah! Apology for the term, I know it is not that suited. 🙂 So, in short, my son’s kidney is fine. Thanks Jesus!

Before I forgot, I don’t know if this is important but again, this is for my reference only. Here’s the referral letter we got from Queen Mary hospital:

My hands are tired now. Will update this post with prescriptions and medicines pictures.


Next time, try a second or third opinion first to other doctors and if they have the same thoughts, then do it! That’s to save time, money and emotion. I feel stressed and worried on my son’s kidney when the doctor insisted to go and see a pedia nephro. On the other hand, I am still thankful for this experience because I realized how much I love my son and this experience gave me additional knowledge about kidney and UTI. I must add, that the doctor in PCMC also told us that if the color of the urine is reddish like tea, that’s the time that we can tell there’s a problem in the kidney and if he wakes up with a swollen face and other body parts. Apology for my English. Trying hard! 😀

Bye bye!

How to Make Links With More Than 255 Characters Clickable in Excel 2016

This is just a quick post. I encountered a problem while working in one of my projects. I have an Excel 2016 spreadsheet with longs links (more than 255 characters) but they are not clickable so I first copy and paste the links to Chrome browser but I got tired of it so I search online for the solution.

I don’t want to use Macro as I really don’t have experience in using it. I want to use formulas but after a few tries and found that it didn’t work out the way I want it. I have no choice but to try Macro. Luckily, it worked out so well.

Here’s the code:

Sub HyperAdd()

    'Converts each text hyperlink selected into a working hyperlink

    For Each xCell In Selection
        ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=xCell, Address:=xCell.Formula
    Next xCell

End Sub

Here’s the link where I found the solution:

Thank you so much Steve Keenan!





Richard’s Skin Problem

On Oct. 3, 2018, I brought Richard to the animal clinic for a checkup of his skin. Take a look at his photos:

Richard’s skin problem
Another pic of his skin
the last pic

The vet checked his ears for ear mites and fortunately, he is negative from it. The vet also said that his skin problem was due to food allergy.

Here’s Richard prescription:

Richard’s prescription for his skin problem

Nova-Pink shampoo, ectoparasite & fungal disease control for dogs
skin/food sensitives d/d (canned food)
continuous use of med for ears and eyes

Here’s the actual photo of Richard’s medicine:

Richard’s canned food, shampoo and frontline plus

Richard Was Positive to Ehrlichia Dirofilaria and Heartworm

This actually happened last June 27, 2019. Richard was having a diarrhea. Although it wasn’t too bad, I brought him to the animal clinic for a check. They did a three-way test to him and it turns out that Richard is positive to Ehrlichia and heartworm. He also had infection according to his blood test result due to high WBC.

Here’s what was prescribed to him:

Richard’s presciption

Here’s what was written in the prescription:

monodox 1.4 ml orally 2x a day after meal (for 30 days)
livergard 1 ml orally 2x a day (60 days)
puppy vite gel 1ml orally 1-2x a day
ACT S 1 ml 3pm, 1ml 7pm, 1ml 11pm

And here’s the medicine:

Richard’s medicine

The vet noted that if the diarrhea persist, bring back Richard to the clinic and I was so happy that Richard was well after drinking the activated charcoal that was prescribed. It was the one in the 3ml syringe.

But since Richard is positive to heartworm, he will be having a heartworm prevention or injection monthly for life.

The vet said that Ehrlichia disease was due to the tick and fleas in dogs so to prevent it from happening, our dogs should have a monthly prevention from tick and fleas and I use frontline plus.

Angel Got Admitted to Animal Clinic

Last August 28, I brought Angel to animal clinic for a check-up because she wasn’t energetic and had low appetite. The vet suggested for a blood and Ehrlichia test and so I agreed. The result of Ehrlichia test is positive and the blood test’s result was low WBC and platelet. The vet suggested to admit Angel for which I comply. Angel got admitted for only 1 day. Here she is while having a quick vacation…

The next day, I went to the animal clinic to check Angel. I asked the vet if I can get her out and luckily, she was ok to go home. The vet gave me her prescription and I bought her medicines.

Here’s the actual photo of Angel’s medicine.

The yellow gel capsule is the Omega 3 and the blue capsule is the Doxycycline. The one tablet is the med for fever that I forgot the name.

Here’s what was written in the prescription:

Doxycycline 100mg tab #24 1/2 tablet after meal twice a day for 21 days (7pm)
Puppyvite gel #1 1ml daily (7am)
Omega 3 cap #21-30 1 cap once a day for 21-30 days (7pm)
for fever – 1/4 tablet once a day – if temperature is above normal (normal temp is 38-39.3°C)

Corrupted Excel File

Hi there!

Hello myself!

It’s been a long time, I missed you! Anyway, just want to record this experience. It actually happened last Aug. 27, this year. I was working on an Excel file when suddenly the file just stopped working so I closed it. Upon opening the file, I can’t. I just can’t! When I visited the property, I found out that the file extension name or format just changed from .xlsx to .tmp.

I messaged my friend but no response so I did my research and found out that I just need to change the extension from .tmp to .xlsx. I did just that and boom! I was able to open the Excel file.

Thanks to this link where I found the answer: